Interbio is a company created by renowned professionals from the animal health pharmaceutical industry.

The company is based on three premises: to produce quality and reliable products, to form a professional and competent work team; and build a positive and pleasant work environment.

The extensive knowledge, experience and trajectory of the work team formed in the different areas of the company: research and development, purchase of supplies and raw materials, manufacturing and quality assurance, marketing and distribution, and technical advice; it is the added value in the support of the company's products and services.

The members of Interbio believe in values such as Honesty, Responsibility, Gratitude, Sincerity, Service, Friendship, Loyalty, Respect, Good Mood and Empathy and that they must be practiced both inside and outside the company, building solid and lasting interpersonal relationships.

Mission and

The Interbio people are professional, trustworthy and competent. Interbio respects and seeks to satisfy the needs of its consumers and its employees; and animal welfare.

Our spirit and values ​​are based on five main pillars:

  • Quality, Reliability, Responsibility and Ethics in all the processes, products and services of the Company.
  • Recognition of the Veterinarian as an animal health professional.
  • Respect, Commitment and Care with our clients and users, pursing the satisfaction of their needs.
  • Offer the best solutions available for animal health, performance and welfare.
  • Work as a team, in a pleasant, harmonious and comfortable work environment.


  • We are a company of professionals committed to animal health and the ethics of the veterinary profession.
  • Our mission is to enable, support and facilitate the treatment of animals by veterinarians through the use of reliable and with recognized therapeutic activity drugs.


  • Interbio seeks to bring the world of veterinary science closer to the world of practitioners and also to the animal owners.
  • We focus all our efforts on the success of our products’ users, to get us a position between the most reliable companies in animal health sector.
  • Interbio's ambition is to promote and improve animal health and welfare to become a reference company and the "partner" of veterinary professionals, through our services and products.