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Butasan Gel

Phenylbutazone 1 g per dose


  • Proven anti-inflammatory potency.
  • Easy to administer because it is flavored formula.


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory for horses.


Each dose contains:

Phenylbutazone 1 g


Musculoskeletal inflammation of the horses. Localized acute inflammations of the locomotor system, such as arthritis, tendinitis, myositis, synovitis, laminitis, etc. General traumas. All kinds post-surgical treatments, such as sutures for skin wounds, locomotor system surgery, abdominal surgery, etc. (does not interfere with the healing process). It can be used together with any type of antibiotic therapy (it does not interfere with the body's defenses).

Therapeutic Action:

Phenylbutazone is a known nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, the action of which is based on the inhibition of the production of prostaglandins in the body. This explains its analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. It lacks the side effects of corticosteroids, especially highlighting the absence of interference with the healing or defense processes against infections. The naturally bitter taste of phenylbutazone has been masked with flavorings to facilitate horse acceptance.

Dosage and Administration:

The general therapeutic guideline, unless otherwise indicated by the practitioner, is as follows:

Day 1: 4.4 mg/kg b.w. Every 12 hours (2 dosing measures of 10 ml Every 12 hours, for a 450 kg horse).

Days 2 a 5: 2.2 mg/kg b.w. Every 12 hours (1 measuring dose of 10 ml Every 12 hours, for a horse of 450 kg).

In cases of chronic inflammatory lesions, intermittent treatment can be valuable in relieving symptoms. Administer orally, mixed with the daily ration. It is essential that the horse always has plenty of drinking water.




Bottles of 100 and 500 ml with a dosing syringe of 10 ml