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Flunixine 5%


  • Recognized and proven formulation of flunixin meglumine.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Pain reliever.
  • Antipyretic.
  • 10 ml single-dose bottle.


Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic.


Each ml contains:

Flunixin 50 mg


Horses: Relief of inflammatory injuries of the locomotor system, myositis, osteitis, arthritis, tendinitis, synovitis. Colic: relief of visceral pain associated with the presentation of colic.

Cattle: Supportive treatment in acute infections (particularly in the Cattle respiratory complex). Neonatal calf diarrhea. Treatment of acute pain caused by surgery, wounds, injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Swine: Treatment of metritis-mastitis-agalaxia syndrome. Acute and chronic inflammations of the locomotor system.

Dogs: Relief in inflammatory injuries of the locomotor system, myositis, osteitis, arthritis, tendinitis, synovitis. Pictures of acute pain, including endotoxic shock produced by viral or bacterial infectious processes. Coadjuvant in the treatment of dog parvovirus.

Therapeutic Action:

Flunixin meglumine is a powerful pain reliever without narcotic or steroid action, with anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activity.

Dosage and Administration:

Horses: The recommended dose for musculoskeletal disorders is 1.1 mg / kg b.w. equivalent to 1 ml (50 mg Flunixin) Every 45 kg b.w. IM or IV once a day and can be repeated up to 5 consecutive days.

The onset of pharmacological activity is within 2 hours. The maximum response occurs between 12 and 16 hours and the duration of the activity is 24-36 hours. The recommended dose for the relief of pain associated with Horse colic is 1 ml Every 45 kg b.w. IV administration is recommended for rapid pain relief. Clinical studies demonstrate pain relief in less than 15 minutes in many cases. Treatment can be repeated when the symptoms of colic reappear. During clinical studies 10% of the horses required approximately one or two additional treatments. The cause of colic must be determined and treated with the corresponding therapy.

Cattle: 1.1 to 2.2 mg / kg b.w. (from 1.1-2.2 ml Every 50 kg b.w.).

Calves: 2 to 3 ml as a single dose.

Swine: 2.2 mg / kg b.w. (0.44 ml Every 10 kg b.w.).

Dogs: between 1.1 and 2.0 mg / kg b.w. (0.22-0.4 ml Every 10 kg b.w.).


Horses, Cattle, Swine and Dogs.


Vials of 10 and 50 ml.