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He was born in the City of Buenos Aires, grew up in Nueva Galia, San Luis, where he studied primary school. He graduated as a National Bachelor at the Manuel Belgrano School (Marist Brothers).

He got his Veterinary Medicine degree from the School of Veterinary Sciences (U.B.A.) in 1984.

He began his professional practice in the area of ​​large animals, later specializing in Horses, working at the SIASA horse farm, the race trucks of San Isidro and Palermo; and the Club Hípico Alemán.

In 1987 he got a degree as Trainer at the SPC Trainer School.

He trained in marketing, business and technical advice, in Argentina, USA. and Germany in institutions such as: Association of Media Professionals, IAE - Instituto de Altos Estudios Empresariales, Purdue University, Strategic Management Group, American Management Association International, etc.

Since 1991 he has worked in different positions in the area of ​​marketing and technical assistance in the animal health pharmaceutical industry, in the following companies: König, Solvay Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim and Deltavet, with responsibilities not only in Argentina, but also in other Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

He has given courses and lectures in veterinary medicine and marketing in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.

Since 2000 he has been a member of the Argentine Equine Practitioners Association (AAVE) Board.



He was born on 06/01/1951 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He graduated from the Colegio La Salle in Buenos Aires in 1968.

He finished his studies at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Veterinary Sciences in February 1975.

From his beginnings as a professional, he specialized in the equine practice.

He worked as a veterinarian in the S.P.C horse farms: Abolengo, Don Yayo, El Turf, Los Sauces, Aconcagua, San Francisco de Pilar, Las Marianas, Vadarkablar, Campestre (Brazil) where he was in charge of health care as well as reproductive management. In 1978, he created the Clinica Equina with his colleagues: his brother Hugo and Miguel Lagos Mármol and built the current Horse Clinic in the city of Capitán Sarmiento, 145 kilometers from the city of Buenos Aires.

He was also in charge of Quarter Horses horse farm such as the King Ranch in Argentina, which was later sold to Pecom Agropecuaria and where he carried out artificial insemination and embryo transplantation work. To do this, he made two trips to the USA, one to Kingsville in Texas, to the headquarters of the King Ranch, where together with Dr. Tolkes he became acquainted with all the techniques in artificial insemination. The other trip took him to Texas AM University where he took an embryo transplant course.

He also attended to different clinics in Kentucky, New York, Florida, California and France, as well as visits to different breeding establishments. All of them to acquire new knowledge and gain experience.

During the month of November 1992 he was member of the organizing committee of the III International Symposium on Horse Embrio Transfer held in the City of Buenos Aires, and where the most renowned Horse reproduction scientists from all over the world attended, highlighting the presence of Drs. W.R. Allen (U.K), D.F. Antczak, A.C. Enders, J.P. Hughes, R.M. Kenney, E.Squires (USA), K.J. Betteridge (Canada), E.Palmer (France), R.C. Pashen (Australia) among others.

He also specialized in polo horses either in the reproductive aspect (including organizing embryo transplant centers) or in the training section, attending in all its aspects innumerable horses from different polo players. With the Novillo Astrada family as a client, he actively participate in preparing their polo ponies to play many polo championships, reaching the final of the Palermo Open in 1999 with the La Cañada team.

He was a member of the board of directors of the AAVE (Asociación Argentina de Veterinaria Equina) and a member of the American Association of Horse Practitioners.

He participated in most of the scientific conferences and seminars in the horse area in Argentina and other countries.

He has been equine Admission Judge for more than 10 years for the Sociedad Rural Argentina show that are made in its facilities in Palermo.